27 december

my favorite christmas tradition is the big love

'tis the sweetest thing

i am looking forward to the quiet months of winter

i will be in school 4 days a week and doing an internship 2 days a week

I haven't been walking at all lately

i can feel my body stiffening up and my my head getting wobbly

walking is good for my soul

i am going to undecorate our tree this weekend and put it out on the porch loaded with 

pine cones, seed and fruit for the birds

i'll keep the lights on so we can light it at night

at least for a week or so

our house is trashed

i so need to clean


  1. The true essence of any festival of any religion lies in being loved and giving love:) have a wonderful 2014.

  2. Wow -- you will be very busy! Good luck in the coming year with your new adventures.


  3. I wonder why we clean so much before Christmas only to need to clean again right after :)

    Love your candy cane heart :)

  4. Such a 'sweet' photo !
    Enjoy the weekend,

  5. first off, love the candy cane heart!!
    In my opinion, busy is good ...and I too love to go walking. But for now, it's gonna be clean up time at our house too.

    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  6. Good Luck with your classes and internship. I am an avid walker and understand the peace it brings to one's mind.

    While cleaning the house remember the fun and smiles your loved ones had while celebrating.

  7. Feeling the same way today. Looking forward to next year and cleaning up from this year. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Good luck with everything, I wish you a calm start into the New Year.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Some of your random thoughts could have been mine ... I hear you on the walking, I seldom skip a day but when I do I certainly can tell. Walking is good for us ... let's keep at it! Happy New Year!

  10. Creative image. I had a couple of staying-in days over Christmas, not because of ice and snow this time but because of storm and rain! :( I agree walking is good for the soul as well as the body.

  11. Love this photo. Wishing the best for you in the new Year...


  12. A walk in the cold winter air is truly good for the soul! Peaceful! I highly recommend it! I, too, will be loading up the tree for our woodland friends as we haul it out back to the woods. Best to you for a HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR! Aloha

  13. i hope you find your quiet. happy weekend. ( :

  14. Putting the tree out filled with goodies for the birds sounds like a very good idea. It gives them treats for their bellies and you a feast for the eyes. :-)

  15. I haven't done any walking lately either and like you I feel the stiffness. Fortunately my sister will be visiting in about ten days and she will get me moving. I lost 17 pounds in the months after she had been with us in the summer and I continued the walking habit after she left. Peace in my heart, home and family are so precious to me.

  16. Wouldn't it be nice if someone would invent a self-cleaning house. Sort of like self-cleaning ovens...if only....

  17. I love to walk and am so glad you said that. Yes, walking is so good for my soul too. Just now the fields are really flooded to the Thames and so we have to get creative and wear wellies a lot, but the walks are still so beautiful. I hope you get out there and enjoy the rest of the holidays. (take pictures) :)

  18. Busy lady. You are right on with the LOVE.

  19. Love the candy cane heart, that's what it's all about. I'm still ignoring the messy house, the little two year old can do whatever he likes, I have no tidy cares when he is around. And I can put off the cleaning till New Year when he will be gone. Happy New Year!

  20. Cleaning up the house is on my list this weekend too. Love the photo!

  21. have taken down the tree, Was dropping pine needles and getting tracked throughout the house and has left pine pitch everywhere which is now keeping all the dirt from shoes stuck there. how can something so beautiful turn into such a mess. As usual love the way your write. Ginger


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