1 December

the christmas tree stand was bordered by those big old fashioned lights

strung up charlie brown style

the road into the village led past that stand

it curved up the hill past the old graveyard where the 

town's veterans from crisis's long past lay sleeping the deep sleep

a man selling trees in a dark and damp sweatshirt

hunkered next to a crackling fire to keep warm

in the rainy dark night
the smell of the sea and the trees crisp in the air

 the plight of us all depends upon some insight gained 

at a dimly lit christmas tree stand 

that you pass on the way home from work each night

hands steady on the wheel

eyes staring straight at the road ahead of you

you know there are those with issues larger than yours

and that is something to be thankful for

so you force yourself to look at the tiny lights 

twinkling in your rear view mirror

and promise that the foggy gloom you ride through 

will not 

trounce what little joy you have been able to dig up

swear it will be better next year


this is not auto-biographical 
i am annoyingly cheerful and optimistic
and even more so at christmas time


  1. what an intriguing line...the plight of us all found there at that little christmas tree stand...and yes there is always next year...the next day...always hope for a better tomorrow....

  2. Beautiful post.
    Tomorrows do exist.

  3. I feel like I have lived those words a few times or more. Lovely and intriquing. xo Karen

  4. Thank goodness for that!
    A lovely piece of writing, though.

  5. Well I suppose that writing a 'what if' poem is a great way to appreciate others' situation. You were very successful in doing so. I wanted the last word "word" to be "world" as though you were bargaining with it.

    1. I thought of "world" as well and it kept coming up...but one must work with what one is given

  6. I like your disclaimer, beautiful photo and at 64 'trounce' is a new word to me, imagine!

  7. Who can not be cheerful when thinking of Charlie Brown's Christmas..

  8. Had to smile at the Charlie Brown reference. So many happy memories of watching Charlie Brown specials!

  9. Lovely post .... you have a way with words.
    diane @ aug's blog

  10. and promise that the foggy gloom you ride through
    will not trounce what little joy you have been able to dig up
    swear it will be better next year

    Yes we've been through lots this year. Hopefully it'll be great next year. Wonderful write!


  11. I like the image you painted with words and also your graphic - is it a photo? Visiting from the pub.

  12. You have really written a well-crafted scene here.... I am glad that within this scene there is at least a little joy, and hope that the ending comes to pass...that it will be better the next year.

  13. sad... until that little 'notice' you placed after the write :) - but well-observed ~

  14. Oh the hope for a better future.. Love that end of the bleakness of today

  15. love the poem and also the note at the end...
    cheer is always good..

  16. what we promise to ourselves vs what we do... never more evident than at Christmas.

  17. There was much sense of untold story here for me--and I love that in a piece--really well penned!

  18. You have your special way to touch the hearts...thank you!

  19. You see deeply into the soul of place. And how it changes us to tread there. A rare skill.

  20. Felt I was riding along with you not only on the front seat, but also within your mind. Nicely done,


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