8 November

in the late afternoon sunlight

the gate stands open

welcoming a weary traveller

and all who enter through the garden gate

know that they are in a special place

quite apart from the day to day world

there's something about a gate in the garden

that makes one believe in fairies

and magical lands

a gate in the garden is so much more than just a space in the fence


I am quite glad to have it be friday

friday is such a pleasant sort of day


I am very glad as well to be sharing random 5 Friday here today


We have had some wonderful walking weather so far this autumn

the time change really messed with me this past week

I've been sleeping on my feet by 6:45 at night

and in the morning I've done all my chores

by 6:30!


  1. AH a very nice welcoming post...love the photo too :)

  2. another sublime photo texture and lovely prose

  3. wow... usually up that early.. but my chores r finished s bit later. ha. ha!!! ( :

    luv the fall colors. lovely.

  4. Beautiful image and such a lovely poem to go with it!

  5. I love your poem! My mom had a garden gate I painted sunflowers on it and behind it the world changed-just like your poem~ @>--------------

  6. Beautiful colours and I also like gates and doors as well . Have a great weekend.

  7. Gorgeous colours, beautiful light and lovely words.


  8. I love gates...to a garden, to a yard, to a pasture. They just seem inviting somehow or other. This time is messing with me, too.

  9. oh I love it! totally want to come visit your garden. hang in there with the time change... it has to get better, right?

  10. The lighting in your shot is gorgeous. And I so enjoyed the garden gate poem. Thank you!

  11. There really is something magical about a garden and a garden gate, I agree. :)

  12. Yes, something very nostalgic and sweet about a garden gate. :) Have a great weekend!

  13. What a lovely and peaceful little scene.
    I haven't had to many problems with the time change (waking up a little earlier but am slowly training myself back to the old time).
    We had some lovely fall weather earlier in the month. Now in the dreary, windy & raining portion.

    My link: http://wishesdreamsandotherthings.blogspot.com/2013/11/random-5-friday-nancys-un-linky-version.html

  14. Oh, I love your photo! And such a delightful poem.

  15. Lovely Random 5!
    I'm not liking the time change either.
    It's pitch dark by 5:00 p.m.

  16. You had me when I read "fairies." Do you know that I LOVE FAIRIES? I have a few that I've collected and put them on a lit-up tree so I can see them every day. This gate picture is simply lovely. There IS something enchanting about a gate.


  17. A delightful post :) Your blog is simply lovely and I look forward to visiting again.

    Blessings and hugs,

  18. This blue gate is fascinating. Gates always make me think of the possibilities if you walk through. As you write so beautifully, gates are so much more than a space in the fence.

  19. Pretty image - lovely soft colors and thoughts. I am having a bit of trouble with the time change, too, and the short days. Have a good weekend! xo

  20. It's a really magical picture!
    In Germany, the time was already 10:26. converted. But I wake up 1 hour earlier on today...

  21. Lovely shot of this fence. I miss the light in the evening, and am ready for bed way too early.

  22. such a lovely read this morning!

  23. Lovely words...you write so poetically! I love it. The garden gate ... so pretty!


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