24 November

to be honest i feel powerless in my choice

it is my habit to attend these gatherings

though i regard them 

mostly as cycles of suffering

days on the calendar

I learned the lesson long ago

 it is futile to fight the false sense of virtue

i hope only to be able to create a gap 

in which i see the true thanksgiving

and i look forward to my undoing


  1. look forward to my undoing....i like that..creating that space for thanksgiving...creating that room for life...allowing space for the attitude of thanksgiving to develop

  2. The last line is a wonderful way to leave this piece..exciting..in a way..

  3. Sometimes holiday times are not as enjoyable as one would desire them to be. I think sometimes there is so much build up that it is easy to feel let down on the actual day.

  4. The holidays can create an obligatory stress... sounds like you've got the right idea. Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Yes, the last line is perfect!

  6. Hope you find your undoing and enjoy your holidays!

  7. What an interesting approach to the calendar prompt...thanks for reminding us to be less about 'self'..

  8. Really like the release in that last line, like undoing ones belt...


  9. Yes, sounds like you are on the right track. :<)

    I just did a Thanksgiving post too at:


    and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

    Hugs, G

  10. Oh, how many of us attend gatherings out of habit! I just came away from one this morning, and while I don't look forward to my undoing, I do wonder how I survived!

    Whirling with a Single Pancake

  11. there are things that cannot be squished into calendars...some are a bit robbed off their meaning even... only existing in that tight space...good to make room and let em breathe a bit

  12. Nicely done wordle and response to the calendar prompt. I think you share the thoughts of many, sadly. How is it that families can cause so much pain?

  13. I liked this very much

  14. So sad that family gatherings should be filled with angst instead of joy.. great calender take,..

  15. An aside, thanks for your comment about Frost's October. I expect I've read it but forgotten it. Will google it now.

  16. I feel truly blessed. We are spending Thanksgiving at the home of our daughter and her family. I am looking forward to the opportunity to re-connect. Thanksgiving and Christmas have been much less stressful in the years since my husband's sister died, God rest her soul -- she who could not be pleased, no matter what I said or did.

  17. this is the real essence of life...

  18. That last line may be a comfort or perhaps quite scary. However having to experience a release from all your sufferings may well be excellent.

  19. If you are honest you don't loose anything...

  20. Enjoy this time in life. Some of us miss having places to go on holidays.
    Hopefully you never will.

  21. "and i look forward to my undoing" - that creates so many images in a fertile and largely undisciplined mind...

  22. The ending is quite powerful. Excellent truth to this.



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