15 November

we spent Thursday afternoon with my daughters and Joe's sons

we walked the November wood under a moon mostly full 


our weather is finally beginning to get cold 

every night we turn on the electric "wood stove" 

sunsets have been stunning lately

this weekend i will be doing nothing but school work

I have quite a bit due on monday

and quite a bit more due after that....


i plan on making blankets for my daughters for Christmas....

actually it will be a continuation of the blankets i planned on making for them last Christmas

stay tuned....


  1. Lovely photo of the horse and rider. I need to take the kids out to the MTB trails and hike around--I bet there are a lot of pecans this year for harvesting.


  2. i hope you will have good luck & a fun time making the blanket.. i hope you will show us your final product. fun times!! ( :

  3. Sounds like you are enjoying the last moments of autumn to the fullest.
    Good Luck with your blankets.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. your photos are both lovely, I see the textures barely, I just love the effect, (sigh) our mailbox held a wonderful box of goodies this morning, new crochet and circular needles and cotton skeins, all for Christmas scarves and one small blanket-yike I'd better get started.

  5. My mom just started to teach me to knit. I am terrible right now! I am trying to make a baby blanket and it is a mess. We are starting it over this weekend. Practice makes perfect, right? :)

    Love your top photo! I would love to live somewhere more wooded and rural. Its in the plans for the future. :)

  6. nice...those blankets will be great treasures for them....wish we still had a wood stove....or fireplace...we were just talking about that last night....

  7. I hope I am here to see the blankets...like that other shot, too. We have our heat on all the time now...

  8. Good stuff! Yarn, horsies, moon. xo

  9. Your walk sounds wonderful - gorgeous photo! I love your selection of yarns, the blankets will be beautiful. There is nothing better than a cozy throw made by your Mom. *<3* Stay cozy while you catch up on your work. xo Karen

  10. They are going to LOVE those blankets . . whenever they arrive - those gifts - will become Treasures . . .

  11. I love walks ... on crisp days ... lovely photo!
    I sure hope you post a shot of the blankets when they are completed!
    Happy knitting! (or do you crochet?)

  12. Beautiful photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  13. Amazing composition in the first image. Love the moon hovering above.

    Mersad Donko Photography


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