18 October

we walked the oaken wood for the past 3 days

the colored leaves and dappled sunlight 

have been beautiful 

but the acorns are scarce this year

even standing under great oaks that are hundreds of years old

acorns have been hard to find

some years are like that 


yesterday just as we started up the trail from the high hay field

we saw a deer standing 

we all just froze and watched each other for a bit

and then she leaped off


later as we came out of the high hay field on the way home

we came upon a couple riding their horses 

through the autumn wood

they stopped and let the boys sit on the horses for a moment

a beautiful black fresian horse from Norway

such a beautiful animal


the later mornings are making me want to sleep in later

my internal body clock rises and falls with the sun


apple picking last week was great fun

we had my daughters and Joe's boys with us

my mother was there as well

we got wonderful pictures of all the children

even though my "children" are 22 and 25


  1. Sounds like great times going on in your neck of the woods. Beautiful autumn shot.

  2. Smiled at the ages of your children -- they never grow up in our hearts. :)
    Beautiful Autumn image -- thinking the lack of acorns might mean the squirrels are predicting a harsh winter?

  3. I'm not a Mom but I think they always stay children somewhere in your heart don't they. This photos is gorgeous and I would love to be that close to a wild deer, must have been magic.

  4. Sounds like you've had a great time the last few days!! and I LOVE the image!

  5. Oh this sounds like a perfect day to me the wildlife the horses the family time and just being oh I love the peacefulness and joy in this post. B

  6. I think we have all your acorns. I've never had so many fall in our driveway. I wish I could reset my internal clock. I'm getting up in the darkness at the same regular time.

  7. looks and sounds like autumn has arrived. not many acorns here either -- last year acorns were everywhere you looked. autumn means pumpkins and apples for me. have a wonderful week.

  8. Isn't Fall a glorious time of year... the walks, the colors, the smell of apples. Enjoy.

  9. Such a beautiful image of fall.

  10. I love to walk in the woods in the fall. Beautiful photo, I like the edit.

  11. Sounds like perfection. I love the rhythms and colors of autumn. :)

  12. Love the mellowness of your photo! And it sounds like you have some delightful places to walk. Funny about the clock/sun thing ... I'm finding the same thing to be true.

  13. I love the simplicity of this shot. And your processing and texture selection makes it look like a watercolor painting. Lovely! Your words captured the essence of Autumn perfectly.
    Visiting from Friday Finds.

  14. You know, I have noticed that I cannot find many acorns this year! :-(
    I enjoyed your Random 5 post!!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  15. Sounds like a wonderful week. Your fall leaf photo is lovely. Fall is such a colorful season. No shortage of acorns here this fall. We've been collecting them to help feed the squirrels this winter. - Fresian horses are gorgeous - That was nice of the couple to let your boys ride them.

  16. the leaf photo is very nice and, like you, my body works best when rising with the sun and going to bed shortly after it goes down. I despise DST!

  17. Lovely, delicate leaves! I know what you mean about getting up in the dark. I'm struggling with that! Glad you enjoyed apple picking. Will you be sharing photos? By the way, my kids are in their 30s and I still have the most fun with them! Isn't it great how that happens?!

  18. A lovely poem of fall and family. We were out in the leaves today too - brilliant color but soon all the leaves will be down.........such a glorious time of year!

  19. Such a beautiful photo! Loved reading about your walk. Seeing the deer, the couple on horses and apple picking with your family sound perfect. My 'kids' are also in their 30's now and I love spending time with them. It goes by too fast, doesn't it? Enjoy the rest of the weekend. xo Karen

  20. Beautiful photo and touching words.

    I love the subtitle of your blog too! Here, here. :<)

  21. Love the simplicity and beauty of this fall shot!

  22. it sure is fall for sure now - it was blistery cold today!

  23. I love the texture of your poem and your photograph
    light makes your words golden ;)


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