17 October

the road through the wood

 smells of autumn

in October

we walk in dappled sunlight

and it's all lacy leaves of orange and yellow

footsteps crinkle and shuffle

and kick up leaves

as we go traipsing along

to the high field

where the deer come out

to feed in the twilight

we are going back again tomorrow

acorns and yellow feathers and giant oak leaves
 await us there

treasures of infinite value


  1. I just love those little acorns -- hope you can capture a few photos of them for us. :)

  2. have i told you how much i enjoy my visits with you? always so much calm and peace. love this shot and your words. i could imagine walking along with you.

  3. This so inviting. Would love to bundle up and go through a woodland walk. I hope you enjoy it.

  4. Beautiful. I walked with you.

  5. it would be difficult to stay away from a gorgeous spot like this..such pretty prose.

  6. Such a beautiful and lovely journey through autumn:)

  7. Oh, I just loved everything about this post, your beautiful words and this scene. adding you to my blog roll now! :<)


  8. Calling by from SYC, so glad I picked your blog to visit, love this post.

  9. How beautiful! It makes me long to walk down that path to enjoy nature! Happy Fall!

  10. such beautiful words to go along with a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing!

  11. pretty trail - love the editing

  12. Brilliant description of autumn!

  13. There are no prettier paths to trod than that of those in Fall. Love your beautiful post! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


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