Friday, 25 October 2013

24 October

cozy, big skies, mellow out, driftwood

bonfire, acorns, relaxed, ebb, flow, together

bottles of beach house red wine

25 October

I like this corner of my living room

it's filled with 

sepia toned photographs

and afternoon light


I walked the beach last night

the wind was blowing hard and cold off the ocean
 my cheeks were rosy red and my fingers were cold

as I took off my wellies in the kitchen
time for
 a cupan tae


 leaves are falling all around 

when we come home

we crunch through a pile of them at the bottom of the back porch steps

I'm not ready to rake them up yet though

I like the way they smell


there is only the one bottle of white wine left in the fridge

I won't buy any more until the warm days return

red wine is for the late autumn and winter season


 I love this season of autumn

we are out of doors less often 

and so we get a chance to be a little 


Wednesday, 23 October 2013

24 October

in the high hay field

yesterday they walked the wood

in the later afternoon when the shadows fell long

 two of them frolicked with 

the dreams of youth 

that skipped farther ahead

and paused for a moment on the curve

 in the leaf littered path

where the sun shone down in splintered sunlight

two of them heard silent footfalls 

 meandering on the green earth behind them

and brought to mind other days 

not so long past
 they walked slow enough to hear

ancient laughter in the sound
the leaves made when they fell

they harvested  dreams

and things that might be

or may have been already 

the four of them  

and they welcomed the phantom 

that danced so full of mirth between them
and kept their company on these hallowed trails

and sang the song of the forest

then when they reached the high hay field

that phantom took his bow

and left them to the twilight

23 October


out and about
in the oaken wood

on the open road  with his old man

full of optimism

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

22 October

the wood was lovely that day

we walked through a magical fairy land 

yellow and muted browns seem to be the colors 

this autumn

not so many oranges or reds

so that when you do see them they look as if they are on fire

Sunday, 20 October 2013

20 October

we dig deep holes in gravel

put up fences

and build our walls up brick by brick

it's a balancing act they tell us

as if we could have noticed everything
as if we could have prepared for tentacles
that climbed our fortresses
and left our eyes and mouths
staring into vacancy

in the end we are nothing 
time cheats us all
and trashes everything

20 October



first world problem

we have had a glorious past few weeks and so I struggled with this particular prompt

even our cell phone service has been uninterrupted 


all was still as we came to this spot in the wood

we sat for a moment and listened to the leaves falling

a good day

Joe and I went apple picking with my daughters and his sons

it's fairly rare that we all get to be together

but when we do it's a great big love fest!!

Friday, 18 October 2013

18 October

we walked the oaken wood for the past 3 days

the colored leaves and dappled sunlight 

have been beautiful 

but the acorns are scarce this year

even standing under great oaks that are hundreds of years old

acorns have been hard to find

some years are like that 


yesterday just as we started up the trail from the high hay field

we saw a deer standing 

we all just froze and watched each other for a bit

and then she leaped off


later as we came out of the high hay field on the way home

we came upon a couple riding their horses 

through the autumn wood

they stopped and let the boys sit on the horses for a moment

a beautiful black fresian horse from Norway

such a beautiful animal


the later mornings are making me want to sleep in later

my internal body clock rises and falls with the sun


apple picking last week was great fun

we had my daughters and Joe's boys with us

my mother was there as well

we got wonderful pictures of all the children

even though my "children" are 22 and 25

Thursday, 17 October 2013

17 October

the road through the wood

 smells of autumn

in October

we walk in dappled sunlight

and it's all lacy leaves of orange and yellow

footsteps crinkle and shuffle

and kick up leaves

as we go traipsing along

to the high field

where the deer come out

to feed in the twilight

we are going back again tomorrow

acorns and yellow feathers and giant oak leaves
 await us there

treasures of infinite value

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

15 October

morning sunlight through the kitchen window

 ~ ~ ~
i have brought the geraniums indoors to overwinter

they are set up all over the house and litter the floors with their petals

it is a small price to pay for such cheerful and colorful beauty

 we shall have few flowers till spring

so i am loathe to sweep them up

but let them stay as they lay

all tiny droplets of bright beauty

on the wooden floor 

in the sunlight

Sunday, 13 October 2013

13 October

He was born in a burst of thunder

and spent his life

mending the edges

of a sleepy world

with microscopic circular stitches

some called him a prophet

and some a drunkard

they were bound by their own mediocrity

and had no other expectations

it seems to me he trumped them all

Sunday, 6 October 2013

4 October

Johnny Walker was an arrogant bastard

he left me in the barrio

while he went after my middle sister

I called El Presidente

who sent his Captain Morgan

but in the morning they were all gone in a

green flash

Next time I think I'll stick to Belvedere

Imaginary gardens with real toads

the prompt is different types of Alcohol...

6 October

I swept my chances into a yellow basket

filled with clever blinks and secret handshakes

and the flesh of my dreams

I set it down in a corner of the porch

 for the length of

another human's life time

now there is a nest of ripened stars

where once that basket stood

and so I pull them out one by one

and fly

Friday, 4 October 2013

4 October


It's not that easy being green
having to spend each day the
color of the leaves when I
think it could be nicer being
red or yellow or gold or 
something much more colorful like that

When green is all there is
to be. It could make you
wonder why. But why wonder, why
wonder? I'm green and it'll do
fine. It's beautiful! And I think
It's what I want to be!

Kermit the frog

4 October


     I am attending college for the first time in my life! There are many different reasons why I never attended before none of which I want to go into here...we only have 5 minutes. I am enjoying it now more than I ever thought I would. I am surprising myself! I have remembered that I am smart! Joe has been telling me that for years but I wasn't convinced. Yesterday at school I had a class mate tell me I am smart as well. This is such good news to me! I have spent the last 20 years being convinced that I wasn't very smart.
     I have to take comp 101. Please imagine sad, frowny faces inserted here...It's a lot of writing.  I have always written on a blog or in a journal. But, this is formal writing in a certain style on a certain topic. So far, I am doing very well though and more importantly I'm stretching myself out of a comfort zone and I like it!!

4 October

This little fellow flew into the window on our porch last weekend....three times 

He just kept getting up and doing it over again.

He was so stunned that he just sat on the porch getting it together for about a half hour.

Which of course gave me the perfect opportunity to go out there with my camera and get a picture.

At last he flew away hopefully a little wiser.

I am not sure what type of bird he is...perhaps a female goldfinch?


I have picked up some bird seed for the feeder on the porch.

We are experiencing what I think will be the last of the beautiful warm weather for the past few days

so I think I'll wait a bit before I put it out.

I still have to pull the geraniums in to over winter. 

Every time I bring them in the temperatures climb back up and I lug them back out to the porch.

I might be willing to work out some kind of a deal with mother nature if it would keep the temps

from getting too cold. At least through Thanksgiving.

for the good of every one.


My psyc. teacher thinks I am a model student...I'm not quite sure how to take that


I had to pick Joe up after work last night. 

He works in Salem, MA.

It's October!

the crazies are out and the traffic is insane!!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

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