9 September

the cardinals have been coming back to the porch in search of seed

we've seen both the male and the female chirping away out there

but the feeders have been empty most of summer

 i will fill them again now that fall

is in the air

and put some water out there in hopes of attracting the goldfinches that gather at the bird bath 

in the yard

i love the blue feeder you can see behind the geraniums

the light shines through the glass in such a pretty way

all summer long it's been hanging there with no seed in it at all

the beaches were just about empty on labor day weekend

it was cooler and cloudy

 nice to have the place to myself again


  1. We too love our beach walks when the tourists have fled.
    Lovely to have you visit Normandy today.

  2. I'm glad you explained that lovely blue is a bird feeder. I'd have never guessed.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  3. There are no cardinals here on the island, and I miss the flash of red, especially in winter. Now that September is firmly established, the only tourists are in town. The beaches are empty, and like so many who live on a coastline, I love it best at this time of year. Your last photos say it all.

  4. We have a few more weeks before the tourists retreat from our shores. I like the peace that descends when they do, although I'm glad they come to enjoy our corner of the world, too. Your photos are lovely, calm and restful.

  5. Wish we had a beach nearby! Enjoy your week ;)

  6. Lovely sights. Thanks for taking us on that walk.

  7. Lovely blue. I so miss Cardinals, they are my favorite for color. I have a few toy ones.;-) The beach looks wonderful. Enjoy!

  8. You know I love a good bird story in the blog - I'm coming round to yours again more often, now I know that your putting the food out again!
    Have a great week

  9. i def would not mind a walk on the beach....
    funny the wanting to draw in the birds but not putting out seed...or perhaps the birds just eat it that fast eh?

  10. Your mosaic is perfect for the end of summer; just lovely....

  11. Have a soft spot for birds, somehow! You've extended a wonderful offering here! Nicely!


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