29 September

she came upon a them unbidden

as she walked

the edge of the hillside

where the patches of sunlight spill down

in the fields

long ago she  had  been cut by their sharp words

long ago she gave them back the rules that they exacted


she did not stop where they were gathered

she did not worship swarms of  ghosts

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  1. I did enjoy the pride and the righteous walk - I can see her head held high - a strong and joyful poem of survival :)

  2. Nice! Let it go, and keep moving on.... Darn ghosts, they keep popping up in everyone's work this week. ;-)

  3. whew...what the atmosphere you create in this...the divide between them is felt....

  4. it's good not to worship the ghosts of hurtful memories - you write always, as your blog title suggests, in a spirit of simplicity... but with much wisdom

  5. Love that she stayed calm and carried on .... :-D

  6. I love the strength is this poem: she did not worship swarms of ghosts". Terrific.

  7. I liked the simplicity of it, which seems to be what you are going for.

  8. Love this! And good for her--great strength!

  9. Love the use of "swarms" as a gathering of ghosts. A sense of waiting to sting. Great sense of determination and purpose in this poem.

  10. I can really picture her from your strongly written words.

  11. I like your poem. It is visual and also tells a story. Good job.

  12. ...she did not worship swarms of ghosts

    ...swarms of ghost...those words linger...I like that.

  13. Just the idea of "swarms of ghosts," scares me! Nice piece.

  14. Great and nice for her having strong feelings!


  15. the best. the pathos you evoke are haunting.

  16. You have to be brave and stand up to them...I'll try that next time!

  17. The things that come upon us unbidden...we can flee them, face them, or, in some instances, worship them.

    Whirl of Disjointed Bits and Pieces

  18. themes of serendipity and choice nicely woven with our given words; thanks for stopping by my blog

    much love...

  19. A show of strength - good for her!
    Anna :o]


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