24 September

twilight saw us bike riding down the little hill to the old dock

past the old couple sitting on their porch watching the sunset

 last of the summer cosmos 

growing up all wild like along the pathway 

by now the crisp autumn breeze has blown them over

petals whirling down onto the pavement and

 whisked down the little road to the beach

farewell my sweet cosmos

with your gay and graceful blossoms

nodding adieu

to the dying light 

of a last summer evening


  1. 'nodding adieu' to summer is something I have been looking forward to for months. LOL

    Love the textured effect on the blossom.

  2. Very beautiful and kind of sad for me.

  3. So lovely, in image and word.

  4. a peaceful ride together....to honor the closing of the season...the last fruits of the harvest before the great sleep....

  5. very colourful prose and your textured photo is sublime.

  6. Lovely image and thoughts.

  7. Cosmos are elegant and beautiful flowers.

  8. Love;y, great tecture!

  9. 'Simply' beautiful! The photo and the thoughts, both. Lovely to meet you here {from Tuesday Muse}.

  10. The weather here has a definite Autumn feel to it now... lovely edit.

  11. What a lovely poem to go with your photo. I love the texture too.. yes it is the long good-bye of fall. Thank you for linking into Nature Notes..I love having poetry included too...Michelle

  12. Lovely cosmos, lovely poem -- haunting, kind of sad, and beautiful too.

  13. Lovely--really captures the mood.

  14. Thank you so much for linking up! I love this post!

  15. Beautiful poem....the older I get the more I admire the brave flowers that hang on into fall ...and still retain their elegant beauty!


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