2 September

heart shaped rocks

I walk the beach almost daily

 i find


and heart shaped rocks
to bring home and set
on the porch railing

it's true that you find what you are looking for

i have chosen to seek carefully and with great purpose

chamomile in the garden


  1. The rock in the middle looks like a bird... :)

    1. It does look like a bird! I hadn't noticed that before.

  2. I used to collect stones - but now I find I can't always remember where they came from.

  3. So beautiful!

    Happy mellow yellow Monday!

    PS Beautiful blog too!

  4. Hello. Good to meet you and thanks for dropping by today.
    When I first looked at these rocks I thought native artifacts.
    I walk the beach almost daily throughout the year and find it to be everything you have mentioned. I couldn't live without it.
    Chamomile looks so much like the daisy family. Wonder if they are related. Great photo.

  5. Lovely. I keep stones that I've found on my kitchen windowsill because they always remind me of that particular day. Individual days are too often forgotten otherwise.

  6. I also love to walk along the sea and pick up special stones or shells. Very beautiful !

  7. Very lovely as well as inspiring.

  8. Lovely!! When we look for what's important, we can usually find it. Inspirational post.
    Mary Alice

  9. What a lovely way to spend quiet time. Walking is one of my favorite pastimes when going to the beach. I love the early morning walks best, when I have the beach to myself. As you say, time for peace, reflection and contentment. I love your heart shape rocks, I’m always looking for the perfect shell to bring home.
    Enjoy your week.
    Lovely blog, I’ll be your latest follower.

    The French Hutch

  10. It must be amazing to walk on a beach almost every day!

  11. I collect heart-shaped rocks too, and keep them on the window sill on the veranda. I believe, too, that we find what we're looking for, so we have to be careful of where we put our focus.

  12. Those little rocks are delightful tones and shapes. So love your flower with the petals down turned a little.


  13. What is it that so many of us are drawn to rocks. Beauty? Age? Mystical? -- Nice post. ~~~ barbara


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