15 September

get artsy

read a book

Peter Pan has a bit of a cold

we read some of Little House 

and all fell asleep early

enjoy a pumpkin drink

 I found this delicious coffee at our local Home Goods store

 I paid less for a pound than I would have for one latte at starbucks

 something sweet

I love d'anjou pears at this time of year


teddy bear


scavenger hunt Sunday


  1. mmm love some pumpkin coffee this time of year....giving a kid the power to read, you open the world to them, for sure...

  2. I used to have pencils like that when I was in first grade and I loved them.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Great set!

    That is an awesome coffee find at Home Goods! The packaging is so cute, and I'm sure the coffee is delicious!

  4. Your photography has a simple elegance to it which I love. Your Malachi has kinda stolen my heart...altho I am sure his heart belongs to another and he is well loved :)

  5. Nice entry, I love your pears and the teddy bear especially.

  6. The pears shot is just lovely.

  7. Great set. The Teddy Bear and the Pears were just wonderful.

  8. that sweetie pie coffee I'd buy just for their label, and SB's has gotten so expensive! Your photos are all lovely...I love Malachi teddy bear extraordinaire :-)


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