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30 September


29 September

she came upon a them unbidden

as she walked

the edge of the hillside

where the patches of sunlight spill down

in the fields

long ago she  had  been cut by their sharp words

long ago she gave them back the rules that they exacted

she did not stop where they were gathered

she did not worship swarms of  ghosts

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29 September

rule of thirds

made me smile




scavenger hunt sunday 

our beautiful world

29 September


27 September

over the weekend I will be bringing the geraniums in to over winter in the sunny dining room
They are flowering like crazy right now and they look so pretty

I absolutely adore pumpkins
If I was forced to choose a vegetable for a friend I would choose a pumpkin
they're so versatile and cheery
and if you get tired of standing you can sit on them
and if you get tired of carrying them you can make them into pie
of course that wouldn't be very friendly...

Autumn is my favorite time of year and October is my favorite month in the fall
July is my favorite summer month and in July summer is my favorite time of year
I like May very much as well...
Winter will never be my favorite time of year although I have come to terms with it...
winter and I have come to an understanding

Now that the sun is rising a bit later and the mornings are a bit cooler 
I haven't been out to the beach at sunrise in a few weeks

We are having a big celebration in October this year
The pack up the babies a…

26 September

pumpkins on the table
pumpkins on the chair
pumpkins on the back steps
pumpkins everywhere

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24 September

twilight saw us bike riding down the little hill to the old dock

past the old couple sitting on their porch watching the sunset

 last of the summer cosmos 
growing up all wild like along the pathway 

by now the crisp autumn breeze has blown them over
petals whirling down onto the pavement and
 whisked down the little road to the beach

farewell my sweet cosmos
with your gay and graceful blossoms
nodding adieu

to the dying light 
of a last summer evening

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23 September


22 September

she peered into the reflective pool
 stories  of her youth
bubbled up from beneath the murky water
long ago she had exiled those spirits

 now she followed the piles of clues 
to who she used to be


one mustn't be rash
when dealing with secrets

she had already clawed her way out of that cradle

so she grabbed the apple in her teeth
and took a big crispy bite

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22 September


22 September

something you wore

linen and denim

freshly washed

I live on the beach and when I hang out the clothes they smell like

a an ocean breeze

I have been reflecting lately on where my paths have taken me
and where they haven't

inside your fridge
orange juice pickles grapes bread

daily routine
twilight bike rides

autumn flowers blossoming along the path to the beach the other morning

scavenger hunt sunday

20 September

dappled light in the yellowing maples

yesterday morning we stood on the porch and watched the harvest moon setting and the sun rising

over the island

we've had some nights that have gotten down into the low 50's and I think my morning glory is done

it was lovely to see those blossoms every morning fresh and new

I am very much looking forward to this weekend

it's the first one in quite a while that Joe and I have both had off

the boys will be with us as well

I suppose I'll be making a trip to the market today

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19 September

we stood on the  porch this morning and watched both the big harvest moon setting

 and the sun rising over the island 

later we noticed this fishing boat headed out from the harbor

i've been so busy with all my school work

it's the first time that i've been in school in 35 years!

i am so excited and anxious and exhausted and terrified

it's much more work than i thought it would be

somehow i forgot about how much time homework would take

i am beginning to get used to it though

i'm seeing a flow now - i don't feel so overwhelmed

i like it

i can do it 

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home acre hop

17 September

yesterday she noticed the queen anne's lace had browned and turned in again
it must have happened while she was at the market
washing the dishes
sweeping off the porch


living her life

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16 September


15 September

in short 30 second TV clips

they seek vibrant eyes

and violet lips

does this make me look  vivacious?
does this make me look sumptuous?

does this make me sassy and single? 

they slather themselves with vacuous manipulations
and spread their legs
for the master

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15 September

John Lennon

15 September

get artsy

read a book
Peter Pan has a bit of a cold
we read some of Little House 
and all fell asleep early

enjoy a pumpkin drink
 I found this delicious coffee at our local Home Goods store
 I paid less for a pound than I would have for one latte at starbucks

 something sweet
I love d'anjou pears at this time of year

teddy bear

scavenger hunt Sunday

13 September

this was the summer that ma died
after a lengthy illness

so old friends gathered together today

but emptiness hovered in that small church
touching them with ghostly fingers
standing next to them on the sidewalk
because childhood died suddenly
in the closet that summer

and that was the loss they were not prepared for

I just want to add that this was not written about my own mother who is alive and well.

friday 55

14 September

my brother's trying to steal my nieces ice cream sunday while she wasn't looking...
needless to say he didn't get away with it

something outside
heart shaped stones set on the porch rail

saturday's photo hunting

the saturday photo hunt

13 September

I've found the beaches quieter now that labor day has come and gone.
it's different when there's no so many people
it's peaceful
~ ~
I am finding myself very busy with all of the extra reading and writing school requires.
It's a little bit overwhelming getting used to this schedule but it's very exciting as well.
~ ~ I noticed a blossom on the moon-flower vine this morning. I'm hoping that we may have a bloom before the winter sets in.

~ ~
mornings and evenings the geese fly over our house. They are landing or taking off from the beaches on either side of us so they are flying very low. We're on the second floor so they pass right by our windows. If we're out on the porch it's as if we can reach out and touch them. Honk, Honk!

~  ~

When I was a girl the kids in my neighborhood gathered up all the berries on the bayberry bushes and melted them down to make candles with the wax. It takes an awful lot of wax to make a candle. There's very litt…

12 September


the bayberry bushes are loaded with berries
i've been to the path along the beach

i brought home 
a little clipping in a small jelly jar 
and set it on the kitchen table
the morning sun shines in through the window
lighting on the greenish grey berries 
warming them just enough to perfume the house with their fragrance

bringing nature inside is one of my favorite things to do

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11 September

sunrise over the 


abc wednesday
outdoor wednesday

10 September

september's mellow

the trees in the side yard are not quite healthy

they're battered by the winds and salt coming off of the ocean

they're old

they've been dropping leaves for weeks now

like senior citizens that show up for a five o'clock dinner at 4:30

they're early for the spectacular autumn show

the trees in the side yard drop crispy leaves that have already browned and are curling in

at the edges

they've been falling on the grass and accumulating at the borders

where the wind blows them and they get hung up on the old railroad ties

it looks more like October than the very start of September

brings to mind that old song

when life was slow and oh so mellow

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garden tuesday

9 September

the cardinals have been coming back to the porch in search of seed
we've seen both the male and the female chirping away out there
but the feeders have been empty most of summer

 i will fill them again now that fall

is in the air
and put some water out there in hopes of attracting the goldfinches that gather at the bird bath 
in the yard
i love the blue feeder you can see behind the geraniums
the light shines through the glass in such a pretty way

all summer long it's been hanging there with no seed in it at all

the beaches were just about empty on labor day weekend
it was cooler and cloudy

 nice to have the place to myself again

mosaic monday

blue monday

8 September

It traveled with us as we looked at our worlds speeding by
It puffed its foul thick smoke into the very air of our cities and towns

we look out from our windows of perception at the world speeding by and
did we know it traveled with us?

Did it live in all of us -this thing with a pulse
this thing on the opposite side of the table
that sat
-or stood, though there were chairs to spare

Is it true what they say?
that children are not born with prejudice?
I can't remember back that far.

the mag

8 September

some people used only linear dimensions

 avenues laid straight in front of them
invariable, unbent, unswerving

my answers seem to be at the center 
of a magic ball some times
am I the only one to be intrigued by  that ringing bell
and then I remember
there are stains on all of us
we all pay a price for being alive

the sunday whirl
poetry pantry

8 September

Labor day/work

I am a student again so that is my work right now.

phone call

It is a year this week that my mother's husband suddenly passed away.
We celebrated his life and enjoyed the company of the people he had touched in some way.

But neither my mum, my sister or brother, nor myself will ever forget the phone call that night.

pills this is a very old picture taken before I had my Nikon.   W.C. Fields once said "I don't eat grapes. I'm not in the habit of drinking my wine in the form of a pill." I don't take pills. I do, however, drink wine.

up close

white space

scavenger hunt sunday

7 September

saturday photo hunting
the saturday photo hunt
which is the season of Autumn  and the sedum blooming in the nearby gardens signifies that autumn is near


I suppose it's true that without darkness we could not have light

pink saturday

7 September


they gathered to celebrate 
no longer tethered to this earthly life
he had worn his crown well
it was  tattered and torn
was he in a loft above them -he would have scoffed


6 September

She made her coffee with a French coffee press
strong and cinnamon flavored
every morning she waited for the tea kettle to whistle
the pressure would pop the cap if she didn't turn the heat off soon enough
the irony of that didn't escape her
as she poured the hot coffee into her red mug

friday 55

5 minute friday

6 September

On Tuesday we had my mother over for dinner.  She brought me two little squares of lavender scented soaps and some cocktail napkins. She's nice like that. 
~ ~ ~
September is my favorite month and October is my next favorite.  Those two months are crazy beautiful here in New England.

My grown daughter called me the other day to get my meatball recipe.  I feel like I've passed some sort of mother-hood test now that  they've grown up enough to ask for my recipes.

It's not even my recipe. I got it out of a cookbook less than 10 years ago.
It certainly wasn't passed down from generation to generation.
I'm Irish -we're not exactly known for our cooking.
~ ~ ~

I almost never watch anything on TV except for movies. the other day  a commercial for honey-boo-boo came on while we were scanning through on-demand  and I felt like I'd been violated. I had to take a shower.

~ ~ ~

Remember last week when I said I would never use the touch screen on my new computer? …

5 September

in the stillness of an evening
a hush came down

so at the end of day
 they rode their bikes to the beach
and rambled out amongst the slippery seaweed
to the big rock where the two seagulls were
where daddy had walked with his father when he was a little boy 

crabs were there and mussels and clams
sometimes lobsters - but not that night
up on the beach a family had dug a pit in the sand 
and built a fire in it
their children played in the surf and their grandmother sat in a pink and white chair
 nothing disturbed the stillness of the twilight
even the moon daren't rise for fear of rippling the water with her silvery light
when the tide started to turn and the sun began to sink low
they walked back up to the bikes
laughing at clams spitting water 
and imagined they could hear mermaids 
laughing with them

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