18 August

I dreamed we had not parted. 
That we had spent the years nestled in each others hearts.
 "Stay" you told me way back then.
 But I was not persuaded
And so we spent that period of time apart

if there are degrees of separation 
then we have closed the space in ours
though after decades even, my vision of you did not fade

and now we tread the same floors 
we sleep beneath the same ceilings 
and pay tribute to the youths that we once were
now we occupy the same space
we dream the same dreams

Now our visions nestle in the autumn of our lives

now there are no years between us save the ones that bring us forward

and there is no space between us now

now our hearts 



  1. That's beautiful! Not everyone is so lucky.

  2. Lovely poem of relationship lost and regained, I assume. The autumn of your life is a thoughtful place to be and I can see you are holding that vision and looking forward too.

  3. I love a happy ending... :)

  4. How uplifting to have 'closed the space ' in a relationship and that the only years that matter are 'the ones that brought us forward.'

  5. A gorgeous tribute to deep love.

  6. It is good to hear of happy endings. We can all use a bit more of that. Thank you,


  7. Beautiful thoughts, gorgeous photography....win, win :)

  8. How many of of us must dream of the what if when remembering lost loves. We writers will be still penning the words in so many years to come. How comfortable your words were.

  9. Really beautiful writing. Thank you.


  10. This is a lovely journey filled with various emotions always nice when hearts once again find each other.

  11. such a lovely tribute to the love of you and your beloved!

  12. What a tender, loving poem this is!


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