17 August

to the woman who tends to the roses
i often admire from afar
i once picked a few of the buds near the fence
and I carried them home in my car
now they sit in the sun on my table
with their stems in an old mason jar

they perfume my house with their fragrance
i treasure their old fashioned charm
and i pen this short note to just to tell you
though I don't wish to cause you alarm
I admire the sweet-scented pink roses 
that grow by the side of your barn

I imagine you  reading my letter
in your garden sipping tea
and I leave you with warm salutations
 signing yours truly from me
tis the girl who admires the roses
that you tend in your home by the sea


  1. Lovely prose and photo...Michelle

  2. This is so magical. I'm sure she doesn't mind at all that you picked a few of her roses.

  3. So sweet and endearing - a rose scented poem - lovely - K

  4. Really special... both the writing and the art! :)

  5. That was lovely, especially for someone who enjoys the sea and the roses that grow at the edge. There aren't many smells to compete with the combination of brine and roses.

  6. Like the photo, love the letter! :)

  7. I'm sure she would be flattered to know how much you love her roses. Nicely done.

  8. This is sweet and I'll bet she doesnt mind sharing!

  9. smiles...very cool letter....appreciating those that bring beauty into your life and the world....warm...i like...

  10. Beautiful roses, beautiful poem. I think if I were the woman, I'd be thrilled to receive such a letter!

  11. I am another who admires street-side gardens, capturing them with my camera and my heart.

  12. Love the spot focus in the photo and the poetry is lovely!!!
    Sweet post!

  13. i love roses as well... just a few of them can transform the whole atmsophere in a room... smiles... lovely write... and i bet the lady would love to know how you enjoy them... you should tell her one day

  14. A gorgeous image with a beautiful poem!

  15. Oh those neighbours with their wonderful gardens.. a beautiful thank you in a wonderfully expressed voice.. surely that would be a great thank you for all their work...

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Lovely verses and a great flow...

  18. If I were the lady, I'd be so absolutely thrilled to get this poem. Lovely,!

  19. ...so easy to fall in letters like this... absolutely beautiful & well inspired write... smiles...

  20. I enjoyed this a I find roses so alluring..a beautiful letter..

  21. How cool it would be to really leave such a note. She'd ask you to take more roses, if you write her more poems.

  22. I'm sure she would love to receive this note. Charming.

  23. That is so lovely! I completely understand the sentiment - I too have often been lost in contemplation of some gorgeous flowers in someone's garden. And yes, I've been tempted to steal a few... Maybe if I wrote such a nice note, I might be forgiven.


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