28 August

on the beach of a morning

giant gull wrestling with a gooey-duck clam for breakfast

gulls will grab a clam shell in their beaks and fly upward

they let go from the sky and the shells break open on the ground

then, of course, they fly back down as quick as they can to feast before

 another gull comes along and snatches it up

this gull had found himself a clam that was too big for him to fly with

 he had to pick away at it from the ground 

 looking over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure that no other gull

was going to steal it away from him

because sea gulls love a free meal

we remarked that it was an awfully big breakfast and perhaps he might skip lunch that day


  1. I've never known a gull to skip lunch!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. This is such a good description of the gull and the way he dealt with his meal!
    Wil, ABCW Team

  3. Lovely shot of a beautiful place ~ love the gulls ~ carol, xo

  4. I love to be in this place right now ^_^ So serene and just simply beautiful. ^_^

    Thank you for joining Water World Wednesday

  5. What a huge clam. Nothing deters a single-minded seagull when food is involved.

  6. What a great post and lovely words. Have a happy day!

  7. Skip lunch???
    Nawwww, I don't think so....(:0)

  8. There is no doubt about the seagulls appetite - lovely photo.

  9. Wonderful story with a great photo... doubt the gull skipped his lunch!!

  10. awesome photo. I enjoyed reading this discription

  11. A gull skip lunch...ha ha, doubtful. They are fascinating to watch!


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