27 August

Her mother had said the rose of sharon marked the end of summer

and now she knew that it was true.

it was at the old house that she had said it 

there the rose of sharon grew at the end of the driveway and was white

or such a shade of pale pink it was hardly even pink at all

 this year she noticed the rose of sharon was purple

and remembered about the poem she had read back then about the old lady that shall wear purple

would it be like that for her mother

now that she was getting older

now that she was more than a pale shade of it

more than the pink you could hardly see

do other girls feel their mother's aging like

rose of sharon

and remember the words that they heard once

in their mother's garden


  1. Oh my. This nearly brought on tears, perhaps because as I age I see more and more of my mother in everything I do - every movement seems to mimic her, and it serves to remind me how much she's missed. This is wonderful poem.

    Thank you again for your kind comments on my recent poem.

  2. *sigh* Such a lovely post. xo

  3. This is gorgeous!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  4. Beautiful and moving post.

  5. there is a warmth to this...to the memory of the mom and the thoughts of her as she ages...and even us in the equation with that as well...

  6. Lovely, moving words. Now I will look at my rose of Sharon a bit differently.

  7. Beautiful shot and touching words.

  8. Such a beautiful post. Words and snap. I had a rose of sharon bush at my last house and I do miss it. Thank you so much for popping in to see my little dolls.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog today. The photo is lovely and the poem complements the image.

  10. Beautiful.
    Nice to meet you.

  11. Such a beautiful post and warm my heart reading!

  12. Beautiful photo and post... love that all of nature is a metaphor to life.

  13. Absolutely beautiful. One of the first things I planted at my home 20 years ago were rose of sharon's lining the backyard. I love them.

  14. That brought tears to my eyes. I do miss my mom, and I feel myself aging as well. I wonder often what my daughters see...

    Beautiful photo, beautiful words. Thank you for sharing.
    Kathi @ oakhillhomestead.com

  15. Lovely and loving post.

  16. This made me cry. I completely identify with this girl's struggles as she watches her mother's pinks turn to purples.

  17. Beautiful words, so fitting to your beautiful image. Thank you.

  18. Gorgeous photo, wise words to reflect upon.

  19. Oh...it was just one year ago that my Mother was diagnosed with the cancer would take her life last fall.... Michelle

  20. Lovely photo and lovely thoughts.

  21. So beautiful.

    Mother has been gone fifteen years and sometimes I still pick up the phone to call her. Treasure her.


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