23 august

~ ~ ~

I saw an acorn on the ground the other day. 

I picked it up and put it into the nature jar on the kitchen table. 

after a while of collecting tiny things the jar becomes layers of seasons...shells, pieces of beach glass,acorns, tiny pine cones,seed pods, a fortune from a cookie, a wish jotted down on a small piece of paper,back around to beach glass again.

I wonder how many years we can fit into that jar.

 almost a hundred maybe

memories don't take up much space

~ ~ ~ 
my boyfriend's great aunt chioci died last week.

she was almost 100  
she never married - instead devoting her life to her sister's children and grandchildren

and eventually great-grandchildren

from what I have been told she was the kinder of the two sisters

and all who knew her  speak of her with much joy

this is a deep and enduring loss

and she will be sorely missed

~ ~ ~

I have a serious case of poison ivy

it has slowed me down
I'm on major doses of prednisone

and I'm looking forward to it going away like a child looks forward to Christmas


~ ~ ~

java chip haagan dazs ice cream is really, really good.

it's possible to eat one of those little containers in one sitting

it's been done

~ ~ ~

the morning glories on the porch are blooming now

I had three out there this morning!
But, the moon flowers have yet to bloom

I hope they do

~ ~ ~

jabberwocky  flower gardens along split rail fences are my favorite

that's six

you get an extra random this week just because...

 it's random


  1. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend's great aunt. She sounds like a neat person.

    Poison ivy is the worst! Hope it goes away soon.

  2. Beautiful fence shot!!! I feel your pain with the poison ivy..hang in there!

  3. QWhat a lkovely post. Sorry about the loss. Poison ivy must be terrible, thank goodness I never got it.
    Have a nice week.

  4. I hope your moon flowers bloom too. I planted them for a couple of years in my garden and they were gorgeous and seductive. Opening in the evening and much larger than any morning glories, their whiteness shimmered in the garden as the darkness closed in. They do take quite a while to mature to the bloom stage however,I hope you get to see them.

  5. What a wonderful post remembering your boyfriend's aunt. I have an aunt that has never married...almost did....her almost died a few months ago and she grieved. Sad that she never married him. She must have loved him deeply. She is 72.

    I love flowers....hate poison ivy....love Christmas. Hope the prednisone works miracles for you ASAP!!!

  6. enjoyed visiting you!!... sorry about the poison ivy...I love morning glories!!

  7. I like your idea of a nature jar. Yours must contain a lot of beautiful memories. Sorry about the loss of a family member. It sounds like she left a legacy of love and kindness. Hope your poison ivy heals soon.
    Finally, I love your flowery fence shot!

  8. A very nice combination of a fence covered with such pretty flowers.

  9. I'm sorry about your boyfriend's aunt. She sounds like she was a great person. I hope your poison ivy heals quickly. The nature jar sounds wonderful! I bet it will hold a lot of memories, too. I enjoyed your post!

  10. I collected a bunch of acorns once and after a few days was totally shocked to find little white wormy things all over the place. I placed the acorns in the oven and baked them for a while and all was well. Now I have a big bowl of them in my kitchen - looks so pretty. I like your idea of a nature jar.

  11. good thing that last random was so pretty, we can all use an extra pretty.

  12. What a pretty little flower garden shot. So very cheerful.
    Am so sorry about your boyfriends great aunt passing away. She sounded like a wonderful person.
    Also sorry to hear you caught poison Ivy, doesn't sound fun at all.

  13. Your flower photo is lovely. And I would love to try that java chip ice cream. Sounds heavenly!

  14. Gotta watch that poison ivy - hope you are getting over it quickly.

  15. Ouch... I feel for you with that poison ivy. It hurts a lot, I know. Take care of yourself.

  16. A beautiful photo - flowers and a fence. :) I hope you are soon over the nasty poison ivy. Visiting from Friday's Fences.

  17. Great post...pretty flowers... Aloha...and my fave ice cream (this week) is Pistachio Almond!!!

  18. beautiful wildflowers 4 FF. ( :
    enjoy ur weekend.

  19. I enjoyed my visit with you. Lovely flowers. Sorry about your boyfriends great aunt -- sounds like she will really be missed, but many beautiful memories. Poison ivy is no fun -- hope you are over it soon. Love your nature memory jar. Grand!

  20. Oh no on the poison ivy! I hope it heals soonest.

    Beautiful flowers. I've never heard of jabberwocky gardens. How fun. :)


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