21 August

in a vision i saw you
now you are here
your gaze is soft upon me
poetry jam 

I cried out

As I walked the beach this morn
and heard the seagulls call

 stumbled through the maze of what my life has been thus far
and marveled at the blessings in my steps

when I saw my grown children taking on lives of their own
and stood in awe at the beauty that I found in them

 when I saw you gazing from across the willow grounds
and found familiar solace in your eyes

and when we watched the moon rise above the calmness of the sea
and stood in the reflection of it's light

I cried out

but no sound could crack the stillness

no words that I could utter would define

no beating of my heart could break the silence

for they have broken the barrier of the speed of sound

and crashed right through the speed of light

and still  no one has measured yet

a speed to break the sound of love


  1. I like this! Your poem is both classical and modern. Your diction and cadence make for a pleasurable read. Emotions fill each line.

  2. Ahhhh, I totally was not expecting the end. Very beautiful, and heartfelt.

  3. pretty tight little vision poem...its nice when those visions become reality...and what we once saw now sees us...

  4. wondered at the intense feeling each word has......

  5. Wow. Two gems. I especially love the emotions in the second poem, reflecting on all of the blessings, and the difficulty in articulating the depth of such love. Wonderful work!

  6. and still no one has measured yet
    a speed to break the sound of love

    No one has measured but many had experienced it all, faced with mixed reactions. One still needs to resolve it when it comes! Nicely!


  7. Your gaze is soft on me - I love this, warm and so full truth, excellent.

  8. Wonderful reading here. The first one captured me right away. Lots of feelings here and lovely visions of children grown and love. Nice work.

  9. Oh, I just love the ending. Wonderful poem!

  10. This is truly beautiful. Your words are full of emotion. I agree with Kaykuala, the last 2 lines are very creative and thoughtful.

  11. I love the poem you wrote for Poetry Jam. It is filled with anticipation and then the reality......of love! Very nice.


  12. A very profound poem which captures the depths and the mysteries associated with love...The questions remain beyond most answers.


  13. Commenting from Verse First this time....I like your second poem very much. You were very inspired. I like very much the ending when you say "no one has measured yet a speed tobreak the sound of love." So very true and so very thought provoking!

  14. Beyond lovely poetry .........

  15. I like the idea of breaking the sound of love.

  16. ...ah, a real pleasure to read my friend... "no one has measured yet / a speed to break the sound of love" --- excellent line & so true... loved this... smiles...

  17. Did you write this? Beautiful? I especially liked the last few lines -- it's creating a longing feeling in my soul, a feeling to stand in the meadow and watch the world and the life go by..not sure if I expressing it properly.

  18. Wonderfully written in a very classic manner. I love it.

  19. Gorgeous! I especially love the ending :)

  20. marvelled at the blessings in my steps = what a beautiful line and what an awesome ending. Loved your poem.

    Dropping by from VerseFirst.
    Suzy at Reflections of my soul


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